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Bullseye Red Transparent, Thin-rolled, 2 mm, Fusible, 17×20 in., Half Sheet



Selenium, Sulfur

May React With

Copper, Lead, Silver See our Bullseye Reactive Potential charts for more information

Cold Characteristics

Variations from orange-red to dark red. “Catspaw" windows of lighter coloration typical of single-rolled sheets.

Working Notes

A cadmium/selenium glass. Generally fires deeper (more red) than cold sheet. “Catspaw" effect disappears on firing. This style is not suitable for kilncasting because it can opalize and/or become incompatible when held at high temperatures for an extended period. It may also opalize and/or become incompatible in instances where processes exceed the parameters of the test for compatibility. Testing recommended when heatwork exceeds these

Vertebrae Platter by Georgia Powell

Skeletal inspired platter to display as is or feature seasonal fruit. Stoneware with a satin matte glaze Food safe Hand

Daniel Smith Watercolor Primatek Set 5 ml 6 Colors

PrimaTek Watercolors mix beautifully with other paints on your palette and bring excitement to the surface of a painting. They are heavier in body and settle into the valleys of your paper leaving behind wonderful granulation and texture. The pigments were carefully selected to give you a wide range of colors and textures you’ll find nowhere else. When mixed with other colors the possibilities are endless.
    The PrimaTeks:
  • Rhodonite Genuine, 5ml
  • Jadeite Genuine, 5ml
  • Amethyst Genuine, 5ml
  • Mayan Blue Genuine, 5ml
  • Hematite Genuine, 5ml
  • Piemontite Genuine, 5ml
Las acuarelas PrimaTek Watercolors se mezclan maravillosamente con otras pinturas en tu paleta y le da emocion a la superficie de pintura. Tienen mas cuerpo y se asientan en los valles de tu papel, dejando una grandiosa granulacion y textura. Los pigmentos fueron cuidadosamente seleccionados para darte una amplia gama de colores y textura que no podras encontrar en otro producto. Cuando se mezclan, las posibilidades de colores no tienen fin.
    Los colores PrimaTek son los siguientes:
  • Rhodonite Genuine, 5ml
  • Jadeite Genuine, 5ml
  • Amethyst Genuine, 5ml
  • Mayan Blue Genuine, 5ml
  • Hematite Genuine, 5ml
  • Piemontite Genuine, 5ml

Laguna Clay Toki Flameware WC-440 50 lbs. Boxed

Laguna Flame Ware is an advance clay body formulated to resist the shock of an open flame and have exceptional heat retaining properties. Great for gas /electric ranges, ovens, broilers, barbeques, microwaves and more. Firing range of cone 5-10.   Bisque/Firing: Once clay is bone dry, bisque to cone 05 (1888 F°). Glaze fire to cone 5 (2,167 F°). Higher firing ranges are possible up to cone 10 (2,345 F°). Do not glaze  the bottom inch of vessel. Burnish cooking area smooth or glaze to create a non-stick surface.
Art VallARTa