Dear Devy Love,

Welcome to your ART VallARTa Private ART Page. This page, is your private. password protected web page to quickly see and review which artwork(s) you have or have had at ART Vallarta, or have available for sale through ART Vallarta. This page will not be released to the public but will help you and ART Vallarta’s gallery team keep a live up to date artwork inventory, past and present in the ART VallARTa collection. We will use these images to promote and sell your artwork and the exhibitions that you are participating. From the information, you approve below, we will produce more up to date information and artist pages on our website. We want to provide you quality artists communication and artist representation by ART Vallarta.

Please review the details below carefully to make sure we have proper information about you and for each piece of artwork.

We have made this Private Artist area to both you and the ART Vallarta Gallery team so you can help us update information together and keep an accurate record for both you and the gallery and carefully manage every piece of art you have at ART VallARTa.

We appreciate you! And want ART Vallarta to continue having a great artist collaboration with you.

Any questions please write the Gallery team at [email protected]

Thank you,

Nathalie Herling

Director ART VallARTa.com

Devy Love

I am of Indian origin, born and brought up in East Africa though with Hindu traditions. I moved to Puerto Vallarta in August 2009 with my husband and 3 children to get a taste of Mexican culture and way of life, and have continued my residency despite the sudden demise of my husband in May 2011. I am a memory-emotion healer, meditation teacher, visionary and artist, passionate about being in service to humanity for the evolution of the planet. My artistic skills have evolved since childhood when I began expressing my creativity and emotions through drawings, paintings and poetry. I used to enjoy art classes at school and although I did not proceed into further education in art, I continued drawing and painting at any opportunity . Engaging in any creation of art is a dynamic meditation for me, I feel aligned with peace within myself and more present. I use acrylic and oil on canvas and choose the subject to paint according to the state of mind I am in, and hence my paintings are varied. The theme maybe ,sensual, spiritual, abstract, modern or an expression of Nature.

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