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Ernesto Guerra was born in Chicago, Illinois. Born the 11th of 12 children, Guerra’s innate artistic gifts surfaced through necessity. When the family could not afford ornaments one Christmas, young Ernesto transformed some leftover McDonald’s containers into his first object d’art for the tree. While it seemed he was on his way, his burgeoning creativity was later stunted at age 9 by a figure who should have been a source of encouragement—his 4th grade teacher. She spurned Guerra’s submission to a school art contest and cast a spell that would hold his destiny captive for more than 20 years with the utterance of a single phrase: You are not talented.

The caged bird did not find his song again until after he moved to New York City in 2000.  He would work there for years as a manager in the demanding hospitality industry. Stressed and stricken with tinnitus, Guerra realized he was stuck in a job he no longer enjoyed and felt his life had begun to speak to him. It did not seem right to feel empty in one of the busiest cities on earth. After one hard day at work, Guerra came home to find an unused paint kit that belonged to his roommate. He picked up the brush and never put it down again. The spell had been broken. With no physical witch or monster to slay, Guerra abandoned New York City for Houston, TX, where he rejected any submission to the subjectivity of art instructors in favor of taking ownership of his own artistic development. He honed his craft through trial and error.

The self-led experience gave him the necessary

Classes taught Ernesto Guerra

Freestyle Acrylic Painting Class

Freestyle Acrylic Painting is a class where you get to do whatever theme of a painting you would like while learning. Do you have a painting idea you would like to paint and would like to do it with the guidance of an instructor? This class is great for a beginner, student or recreational painter who enjoys being around other painters. Material for painting ideas are also in the studio so you can be inspired with your projects. Ernesto Guerra will be the lead instructor for this class that happens twice weekly. You will be able to leave your painting in the studio from class to class or take your canvas home to continue at your leisure. The studio has floor and table easels for you to set up your area. Ernesto will offer basic instruction and offer critics and guidance when you want it. Ernesto is a charming, gentle teacher, and his artwork is also featured in ART VallARTA.  If you are a short term tourist this class will also offer basic supplies and the ART VallARTa store on the ground level has many size canvases and any additional supplies you might want to use during or after the class. Ernesto is fluent in English and Spanish.

Mexican Mondays, Culture and Art Painting Class

Cost:  Members 425 pesos (plus canvas)  Non-members 675 pesos (plus canvas Each Monday morning we will explore a tradition, icon, folk art or Mexican design. We will make artwork based on the theme of the Monday. The class will start with a little history of the theme and discuss how the theme inspires you and the art you might like to create. Together, each student will make a piece of art. Usually, a small canvas or at times might be a different medium. Supplies will be available and if you want to take you work home, canvases are available in the Art Vallarta store for a nominal cost. If you have a fun idea please submit a favorite Mexican Cultural Icon inspiration you would like to make. Mondays from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm Themes will vary week to week. Here is a sample of class topics: The Catrina Mexican Doorways The love letter dove Loteria Cards Frida Kahlo's Pets Ex Voto Painting Mexican Calendar Art Pre Colombian Stamp Art    

Paper mache class with Ernesto Guerra

Fridays at 10:00am-12:00pm
Members 425.00 pesos / Non-members 675.00 pesos
Learn all the skills needed to build a paper Mache sculpture.   In this class you will learn how to create the structure, prepare the paste from scratch and apply the layers of paper mache.  This class will give you a full understanding of paper mache and will prepare you for any paper mache creation you may think of.

Wine and Design Wednesdays with Ernesto Guerra


Wine and Design Wednesdays

Members 525 pesos, Non-members 775 pesos

Wednesdays 7:00pm - 9:00 pm

A little bit of paint, a little bit of wine, and a whole lot of fun!

Reconnect with friends over a glass of wine, and a night of laughs. Oh, and you'll also learn how to design/paint!

This class has a 2 person minimum so invite/treat your friends!  Canvas cost not included and range from 40 pesos and higher

Latest commissions from Ernesto Guerra

contact [email protected] for more information 

Ernesto Guerra work in progress

Ernesto Guerra Exhibitions

Exhibition: 2020 Queens of Fashion by Ernesto Guerra (45)

Exhibition: 2020 Ernesto Guerra (31)

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