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Exposición: Concepto 2021- Exposición de arte de técnica mixta

Blue Carved Vase by Georgia Powell

Hand carved stoneware vase with a design inspired by Mexican talavera pattern and in the style of Spanish colonial wood

Brown Carved Vase by Georgia Powell

Inspired by Spanish colonial wood carvings and Mexican talavera patterns, this vase has been hand formed with stoneware clay coils

Cake Stand – white by Georgia Powell

Cake stand made from stoneware clay with a glossy white glaze.   Dishwasher & microwave safe

Cake stand – yellow by Georgia Powell

Ceramic cake stand in a beautiful marigold yellow glaze   Dishwasher & microwave safe

COVID 2020 by Glen Bruels

 This man-eating plant is really a metaphor for COVID-19:  it can attack you in so many ways, it often doesn’t let you go, and it will do anything it can do to survive.  You can see that some people have already been consumed and some are waiting their turn.  The question is — can they get away…
The combination of COVID-19 and the travails in US politics left me in a perpetual funk last summer,  I was really depressed and had a hard time dragging myself out of it.  Lots of walks in nature helped, but my creative thought was effectively zero.  Finally, in November, I asked myself how I could represent my feelings about COVID and this piece was the manifestation of thoughts on the subject.

Fruit Basket – Aqua by Georgia Powell

Ceramic fruit basket made from stoneware clay coils and glazed with a delicate aqua gloss glaze. A perfect accessory for

Fruit Basket – Green by Georgia Powell

Ceramic fruit basket made with coiled stoneware clay and glazed with a matte green finish. A perfect accessory for your

Green Dish by Georgia Powell

Fine stoneware coils form the delicate line of this decorative dish. Can be used display fruit, serve bread or on

Green Fruit Bowl by Georgia Powell

Stylish and practical, this fruit bowl is formed with coils of stoneware clay and coated in a delicious glossy green

Leaf Fruit Bowl by Georgia Powell

A large fruit bowl made from coils of stoneware clay in the form of a rattan leaf design. The glaze

Nippa 01 by Cristo Evanista

Pine Wood with leather cushion Handcrafted Original

Oval Basket by Georgia Powell

Formed with coiled buff stoneware clay and coated in a true white matte finish. Flecks of the buff clay show

Spine bowl by Georgia Powell

Sweet bowl made from stoneware clay coils  reminiscent of the frame of a boat. Coated in a matte white glaze.

Standing Fruit Basket by Georgia Powell

Clean, modern lines give this contemporary bowl a perfect update to your fruit display. Made from fine coils of stoneware

Twisted Fruit Bowl by Georgia Powell

Using looped stoneware clay coils, the base of this bowl was formed to give structure and then an organic line

White Fruit Basket Bowl by Georgia Powell

Formed with coils of stoneware clay and finished in a satin matte glaze, this fruit bowl is not only perfectly

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