I am a painter, printmaker and art teacher whose work is personal and expressive of all that has happened to me and moved me. My style is expressionist; the work is figurative, imaginative and colorful. It contains realistic images along with abstract images. I have been painting for over 40 years and hailed from New York City, where I have exhibited frequently as well as in Northern California and other parts of the county. I have appeared on PBS and Cable TV, showing slides of my artwork and relating how it connects with my life. Also a teacher, I instruct people how to connect with their imagery and express themselves in a distinct and original style.

I have always been a traveler while continuing to produce my art and primarily been using material and images from my travels and experiences to produce unique and personal collages.


2020 ART VallARTa, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico | 2014 Muro Gallery, San Miguel de Allende MX | 2012 New Collages–Muro Gallery – San Miguel de Allende MX. | 2000 Open Studio, 41 Union Sq., NYC Recent Art from Mexico | 1997 Open Studio, 1995, 1993, 1992, Square, New York, NY (1995,1993,1992) | 1995 Open Studio, 41 Square, New York, NY (1993,1992) | 1989 Educational Alliance Figurative Artists, New York, NY | 1984 Open Studio, New York, Ny | 1983 Au Couquelet Gallery, Berkeley, CA | 1983 Studio W Gallery, San Frascisco, CA | 1981 Open Studio, Walking Tour, Berkeley, CA | 1980 Kafeno Gallery, Berkeley, CA | 1979 The Bacchanal Gallery, Albany, CA | 1976 The Mitchell Room Gallery, Berkeley, CA | 1975 The First Majority Gallery, Berkeley, CA | 1972 Delta Art Gallery, Antioch, CA | 2020 ART VallARTa, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico


2014 ART VallARTa, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico Co Curated Romance in the Zone Gallery Exhibition | 2009 Knitting Factory, NYC. – Showing new work and speaking about PBS shows | 1999 Cable TV Show, NYC. Showing and Discussing my paintings | 1992 Ethical Culture Society, The Power of Creativity in Healing (Group Show), New York, NY | 1988 Noho Gallery, One Plus One, New York, NY | 1983 Oakland Convention Center, Oakland, CA | 1980 Mother’s Day Show, Women’s Building, San Francisco, CA | 1978 Poetry Festival, Berkeley, CA | 1976 Woman’s Center, University of CA, Berkeley


| 2009 Knitting Factory, NYC – PBS – Re-showing-Self Esteem Women in Limbo | 1995 Women in Limbo, PBS WNYC TV, (Sept 19, 26, Oct 3, 10), PBS WNET TV, (Channel 13) May 11. May | 1995 NYU Tisch School of Art, Woman in Limbo, Private Into Public | 1995 Knitting Factory, Woman in Limbo, Private Intro Public, New York, NY | 1994 Cable TV Series, (Channel 17), Woman in Limbo (1993) | 1993 Woman’s Caucus For Art Conf., Art Related to Incest, New York, NY | 1993 Knitting Factory (Woman in Limbo), Pilot Cable Series Themes, On Art & Life, New York, NY | 1992 Columbia law School, Conference On Domestic Violence-Art Related to Insest, New York, NY | 1992 Knitting Factory (Woman in Limbo), Curated & Presented Slide Shows On Art Related to Incest, New York, NY


2019 – 2014 ART VallARTa, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico | 2008 4 Person Group Show-May Wells Studio San Miguel de Allende, Mexico | 2003 Debra & Galli, Open Studio, March & April, P.V. Mexico | 2002 Two Women With Good Taste, June-Aug., Wellfleet, Mass. | 2001 Hudson Guild Gallery, NYC, Extreme Drawing, WTC Disaster. Etc. | 1999 Leslie Lohman Gallery, NYC Five Woman Art exhibit | 1997 La Mama Galleria, Universal Diversity, NYC | 1997 Leslie Lohman Gallery, Universal Diversity, NYC | 1997 24 Hours to Life, Strength in Unity, NYC | 1996 University at Stonybrook, Creating Change N.Y. | 1996 La Mama Galleria, Me, Myself & I, NYC | 1995 Leslie Lohman Group Art exhibit, NYC | 1995 24 Hours to Life Gallery, Little Pieces, New York, NY | 1995 Leslie Lohman Gallery, Woman’s Cacus For, Art New York, NY (1994) | 1995 Prince St. Gallery, Woman’s Cacus For, Art New York, NY (1994) | 1995 CB’s 313 Gallery, Crystal Quilt, New York, NY | 1994 Crystal Quilt Gallery, Open/Shut, Women’s Way of Seeing, New York, NY | 1992 Dartmouth College, Expressions of Rage – New Hampshire | 1991 Minor Injury Gallery, Private Into Public, New York, NY | 1990 Max Fish, Printmaking Workshop, New York, New York, NY | 1989 Goddard Center, Love of Printmaking, New York, NY | 1988 Esoterica, Two Person Exhibit, New York, NY | 1988 Points of Departure, “Currently”, New York, NY | 1988 Ten World Gallery, 88 Artist Diverse, New York, NY | 1988 Nabisco Brands Gallery, Art Concepts, East Hanover, New Jersey | 1988 Ceres Gallery, Women’s political themes (1987-1986), New York, NY | 1987 N.Y. Feminist Art Institute Studio, Free Martini’s Part 2, New York, NY | 1986 Emerging Collector Gallery, November and August Shows, New York, NY | 1986 Blue Star Art Space, La Muerte, San Antonio, Texas | 1986 Torn Awning gallery, NY,NY,Five Person Show, also Christmas Show 1985, and Erotic Show 1985 | 1985 Kraine Club Gallery, America, Four Person Show, New York, NY | 1985 Artist Career Service, Salon Show, New York, NY | 1985 Rainbow Connection Gallery, Eight Person Show, New York, NY | 1985 Women’s Studio Workshop, Eight Person Show, New York, NY | 1985 Union Camp, Corporation Show, Whippaney, New Jersey | 1985 Intergroup, Art Concepts, New York, NY | 1983 Studio W Gallery, San Francisco, CA | 1981 Studio One Gallery, Oakland, CA | 1977 Women’s Space Gallery, Bishops, Oakland,CA | 1976 The First Majority Gallery, Berkeley,CA,Illuminations Show, Great Mother Show Women’s Environmental Show 1975, and Opening Show 1975 | 1974 Mitchell Room Gallery, Berkeley,CA | 1972 Alamanda County Show,Juried Exhibit, Antioch,CA | 1957 The Downtown Gallery, New York, NY | 1956 Marino Art Gallery, New York, NY


1975 to 1977 Grant from the City of Berkeley to administer and curate a women’s art gallery, grant consisted of free space and utilities in a prime location  


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