Canadian artist Angie Roth McIntosh has been painting sun, flowers, oceans, vineyards, glaciers and streets for 30 years.

She left her medical studies to pursue her interest in art and studied with renowned
artist Yang Feiyun at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 1987. Angie held her first solo show in 1989.

While her children attended school she volunteered to teach art classes and marveled at how much children could learn when given the real principles of value, shape, colour and design in art. Over the years McIntosh continued to mentor students of all ages, volunteering with seniors and teaching children and adults for schools in Canada.

McIntosh continued to paint en plein air and in the studio on
her travels to France, Mexico, China, Italy and at her painting retreat in northern Canada at Stewart BC at the tip of the Alaskan panhandle which she established in 2004. In 2012 McIntosh started the Penticton Plein Air group after she switched to outdoor painting in oils. In 2014 she became a snowbird  and started the Puerto Vallarta Plein Air Painting group who meet in season on Thursday mornings and
set up a studio in Old Town in 2016. Through it all McIntosh has found that the same basic principles of art have provided her with the skill to paint what she sees whether working from a photo or from life.

It is Angie’s strongest desire to simplify painting so that everyone can enjoy the happiness of painting and she is constantly encouraging folks to pick up a brush! Angie’s work hangs in galleries in Canada and Puerto Vallarta.

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Four boats by Angie McIntosh

Artist: Angie Mcintosh   Size: 23.5 x 31.5 inches   Acrylic   Original

Meeting of land, sun, and sea by Angie McIntosh

Artist: Angie Mcintosh   Size: 20 x 27.5   Oil   Original