I am of Indian origin, born and brought up in East Africa though with
Hindu traditions.  I moved to Puerto Vallarta in August 2009 with my
husband and 3 children to get a taste of Mexican culture and way of
life, and have continued my residency despite the sudden demise of my
husband in May 2011. I am a memory-emotion healer, meditation teacher,
visionary and artist, passionate about being in service to humanity for
the evolution of the planet.

My artistic skills have evolved since childhood when I began expressing
my creativity and emotions through drawings, paintings and poetry. I
used to enjoy art classes at school and although I did not proceed into
further education in art, I continued drawing and painting at any
opportunity .

Engaging in any creation of art is a dynamic meditation for me, I feel
aligned with peace within myself and more present.  I use acrylic and
oil on canvas and choose the subject to paint according to the state of
mind I am in, and hence my paintings are varied. The theme maybe
,sensual,  spiritual, abstract, modern or an expression of Nature.

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Adolescencia by Devy Love

Artist Devy Love   Size 16 x 12 inches   Acrylic   Original

Ghosts by Devy Love

Artist Devy Love   Size 10 x 12 inches   Acrylic   Original