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Fruit Basket – Green by Georgia Powell

Ceramic fruit basket made with coiled stoneware clay and glazed with a matte green finish. A perfect accessory for your

Green Dish by Georgia Powell

Fine stoneware coils form the delicate line of this decorative dish. Can be used display fruit, serve bread or on

Green Fruit Bowl by Georgia Powell

Stylish and practical, this fruit bowl is formed with coils of stoneware clay and coated in a delicious glossy green

Hanging Bead Pendant

Hand carved flower pendant on a garland of hand rolled beads. A decorative item designed to hang or drape across

Hanging Heart by Georgia Powell

Hanging Heart Hand carved and rolled beads with leather tie Original

Leaf Fruit Bowl by Georgia Powell

A large fruit bowl made from coils of stoneware clay in the form of a rattan leaf design. The glaze

Necklace by Georgia Powell

Boho style handmade bead necklace. Each bead is meticulously hand formed and decorated. Pastel toned with a patina finish and

Oval Basket by Georgia Powell

Formed with coiled buff stoneware clay and coated in a true white matte finish. Flecks of the buff clay show

Speckle buff side plates by Georgia Powell

Set of 6 x plates Original Speckle buff side plates. Dishwasher and microwave safe, lead free food safe glaze.

Spine bowl by Georgia Powell

Sweet bowl made from stoneware clay coils  reminiscent of the frame of a boat. Coated in a matte white glaze.