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12 WATERCOLOR SET Gansai Tambi by Kuretake

Japanese traditional paint for professional artists and crafters, it can be used as gouche, and watered down for use as watercolor. Ideal for sketch, illustration, card making and more! 12 Color set

564 Azul Electrico Metalico 100m Pintura acrilica Pinto

La fina molienda de los pigmentos y el perfecto balance entre resina acrílica, agua tratada y otros aditivos que intervienen en el proceso de elaboración de este producto, da como resultado una pintura acrílica mate con una viscosidad media uniforme, una textura tersa y suave al tacto con excelente poder cubriente y tintóreo, una buena resistencia del color a la degradación de la luz y una gran adherencia de este material en superficies porosas como: madera, lienzos, cerámica, cartón, piedra, papel, yeso, etc. The fine milling of the pigments and the perfect balance of the acrylic resin, water and other additives that are used in the making of this product result in a matt acrylic paint with a uniform medium viscosity, and a smooth and soft texture to the touch with an excellent opacity and dyeing quality. Also, this product has a good resistance to color fading caused by light and a great adherence in porous surfaces like wood, canvases, pottery, cardboard, paper, plaster, etc.

Amaco Glazes Velvet UnderGlazes LIQ V-329 Sea Glass 2oz

Sea Glass is a very pale blue-green color at cone 05 and becomes richer and darker under a clear glaze. It remains the same at cone 5, but fired to cone 10 becomes more blue. Sea Glass tiene un color azul verdoso muy pálido en el cono 05 y se vuelve más rico y oscuro bajo un esmalte transparente. Sigue siendo el mismo en el cono 5, pero disparado al cono 10 se vuelve más azul.    

Amaco Underglaze Chalk Crayon Set

From intense hues to pastel tones, Amaco Underglaze Chalk Crayons can be used as is, sharpened for fine detail, or

Fabriano Studio Watercolor Hot Press 25% Cotton 300g 12sheets

Fabriano Studio Watercolor Pads are Machine-made in Italy from 25% cotton and 75% alpha cellulose, the sheets have an improved cotton content, combined with professional internal/external sizing and slower production speeds, resulting in a surface that feels like 100% cotton rag, at a value price. 12 sheets pad. Size - 11x14 Inches 28 x 35.6 cm.  Hot Pressed.

Herramienta de madera para arcilla

Herramientas de madera, talladas a mano que te ayudan a darle el acabado perfecto a tus creaciones en arcilla. Modelos


Paleta ovalada ergonomica con orificio para dedo y recipientes de deposito para medios. Excelente tamaño para mezclar tus pinturas. Ideal para oleo. Ergonomic oval palette with finger hole and media deposit containers. Excellent size for mixing your paints. Ideal for oil

Paleta Rectangular para arte OBERTONE GRANDE

Paleta con 25 cavidades para depositar material . Ideal para todo tipo de pinturas: Acrilico, gouache, acuarela, tintas, oleo, etc. Paleta ergonomica con orificio para apoyo. Pallet with 25 cavities to deposit material. Ideal for all types of paints: Acrylic, gouache, watercolor, inks, oil, etc. Ergonomic pallet with a hole for support

Red 06 Moist EM 207 Class Kit 25lb

Comparable in texture and working properties to EM-210, but fires to a reddish earthenware color. This clay is often used

“Build The World of Alebrijes” (Prop, Mask, and Puppet Workshop) led by lead puppeteer and performer Mindy Leanse

“Build The World of Alebrijes” led by lead puppeteer and performer Mindy Leanse as well as by writer, director Georgina

“Swimming while Drowning” by Emilio Rodriquez and Directed by Stanley Foote

Production dates:  February 7 (sold out), 8, 9, 13 (sold out), 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 2019 at 7:00 pm

“The of [Un]Reason” led by Mexican, New York-based playwright Georgina Escobar – October 26th – 6pm-8pm

This workshop will set to explore, engage with, decentralize, immobilize, and activate a series of playwriting methodologies. It will prompt participants to create a story based on personal myths and set against a backdrop of a recent natural/cultural/societal/or political events.  This is a workshop about "theatrical wild abandon" and it is to writers what a physical warm-up is to actors.