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Oil Painting Class

From: MXN675.00
Thursdays at 10:00am starting June 17, 2021 Facemasks and other health protocols in place We will learn about oil, its main characteristics and ways of use, the student will level up at their own pace and with the teacher's support.  We will add mixed techniques that will be like a treasure to open to the student a range of possibilities for their paintings. About your teacher Chrystian Yaxche I am a multidisciplinary artist who works mainly with painting and digital art. My origins are academic, I studied at the San Carlos Academy in Mexico City, as was done in the old school, I also really enjoy learning about new techniques and supports, I have come from the canvas to the monitor, with paintings and digital art , including murals, body paint, sculptural modeling, paper sculpture, I have even made dance, body paint and music presentations, mixing my work with that of other artists and disciplines. I love multidisciplinary art. More than twenty years of work have allowed me to dedicate my time to each technique and explore its possibilities. I have also been a painting teacher in some schools, participated in cultural days with students of all ages and levels, I like to spread art as a positive development activity. I am convinced that art is a path and a vehicle of exploration that leads you to know everything about everything in the world and also the internal world of emotions and ideas. It creates collaborative links with artists and professionals from all areas and at the same time it can be a personal refuge where you can snuggle up for a while to contemplate and create.