Adrian Takano Rojas

Adrián Takano Rojas has made a name for himself as a well accomplished  artist and painting instructor in 4 short years in Puerto Vallarta. Originally from Mexico City, he speaks english with total grace and has become the teacher of choice for expats and locals working in acrylic and oil. Adrián starting teaching informally along the Rio Cuale building a following of over a hundred artist students in this short time. He is young, talented and inspiring. Whether you are a beginner or well healed painter working with Adrian is a great experience. (Yes, I was a student). As a teacher, he is warm and non judgmental.  He guides you in the art of painting, carefully to not effect your personal style, but offers technical assistance on how to make your work achieve the goals you desire. Many of his students, within a short time have had their painting chosen for exhibitions in galleries in Mexico and abroad.

When he paints, you see his natural talent, strong, confident, relaxed and full of warmth. His paintings are full of realism and day to day life happening right in front of you.

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