Carol Anne Anderson

I became interested in glass about 25 years ago and by making every mistake possible I finally created a stained glass window. Shortly there after my hands healed from the cuts and I jumped into glass fusing. The improvements in glass and kilns have made this quite an adventure. The Dichroic glass make glass magical and mysterious.

I always want to crawl into the little “kingdoms” the glass seems to create and explore the color, shapes, lines and textures it creates. Through “Hot Flashes” I have met many wonderful people who enjoy glass as much as I do. With the wearable art we can all afford a piece of functional art and I can continue to play with warm glass. Hot Flashes are more traveled than I am. Pieces have been shown and sold in Mexico, Hawaii, China and various parts of the U.S. (Tampa and St. Pete, Florida, St. Louis, Missouri, Seattle, Washington and several galleries in Oregon).
Old School Photo

I finally “fired” my self from teaching art (actually I retired) and now spend time in the studio. In January I go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and am the artist in residence at Art Vallarta. PV is a great place to take a class. When I am not in Mexico I am in Maine teaching creative young people at Camp Medolark. And when I am not in Maine I am with my family in Oregon, watching grandchildren grow and hanging out with my adult children and friends. Life is very good.


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