Adrián Takano Rojas has made a name for himself as a well accomplished  artist and painting instructor in 4 short years in Puerto Vallarta. Originally from Mexico City, he speaks english with total grace and has become the teacher of choice for expats and locals working in acrylic and oil. Read More

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Day of the Dead II by Adrian Takano Rojas

Artist: Adrian Takano Rojas   size 43.5 x 23 3/4 inches   Acrylic

Frida by Adrian Takano Rojas

Artist: Adrian Rojas   Size: 259 cm x 182 cm   Acrylic   Original    

Mar by Adrian Takano Rojas

Artist Adrian Rojas Acrylic Original    

Mujer Pensando by Adrian Takano Rojas

Artist: Adrian Takano Rojas   size 51.03 inches x 43.5 inches   Acrylic   Original    

Octopus by Adrian Takano Rojas

Artist: Adrian Rojas   Size: 19.5 x 24 inches   Acrylic   Original    

Playa Los Muertos I by Adrian Takano Rojas

Artist: Adrian Rojas   Size: 31.5 x 31.5 inches   Acrylic   Original