Given his inherent preference for things practical, it’s no surprise that this penchant is also reflected in Dan’s art, which showcases the essence and beauty of form within the parameters of function.  “Clay’s unique plasticity allows me to stay true to the structural demands of practical, everyday vessels, while its natural variability challenges me to explore and express its inherent creative opportunities,” he says.  Recently, Dan has been expanding the boundaries of clay through the addition of other natural materials such as woods and metals. “It’s always exciting to see where these combinations take me,” he continues, “because the possibilities are unlimited.  The challenge is to allow each of these materials to tell their unique stories within the practical boundaries of the finished product.”

Born in Montreal, Canada, Dan spent 18 months in his early twenties travelling throughout Europe, where he discovered his lifelong passion for the arts.  On his return to Canada, he received his BFA from the University of Calgary, Alberta, with a double master in ceramics and sculpture.  He then moved to Banff, Alberta where he spent the next 30 years.  During that time, he pursued further studies at the prestigious Banff Centre for the Arts, subsequently working in their ceramics studio as an instructor, adjudicator, and technician.  Dan also owned and operated “Studio B” in Banff which served both retail and wholesale customers as well as private collectors.   He developed and taught a ceramics program for the Banff school board, and also spent two years with the Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff installing art shows and cataloguing the Gallery’s world-renowned art collection.  Dan has been a member of the St. Albert (Alberta, Canada) Potter’s Guild for the past 10 years, and is currently a member of the Art Vallarta artists collective in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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