I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco in 1995, like every child I started drawing and since then my greatest interest has always been landscapes, space and its mysteries.
At the age of 9 living in the state of Colima, he was in sixth place in a state stamp and drawing contest; and a first place in a local drawing and graphite contest. Some time later I return to Guadalajara and thanks to a gift my mother gives me for Christmas 2010 (a 1.7 x 2 meter canvas, oils and a set of brushes) I start painting.

At the age of 19, under the cliché imposed by my family about the impossibility of living from art, I entered the career of industrial design, trying to study something the closest thing to plastic arts, after a semester, confused and disoriented by my vocational orientation I finish A graduate in graphic design and influenced by my family I decide to switch to architecture.

Having put painting aside, at the age of 22 he participated and was selected with two works in a youth exhibition organized by the government of Jalisco at the Cabañas Museum facilities, shortly afterwards he took an engraving course at the Centro Cultural Antiguo Colegio Jesuit, in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, again but now motivated by my personal desires, I decide to change my career to plastic arts. For personal reasons and Disillusioned for not being what I expected, I dropped out of my degree and moved to Puerto Vallarta.

Already in Puerto Vallarta I return to painting and decide to go a little deeper into the art scene participating in some exhibitions and group shows.

My interest in painting is to be able to venture into the world of dreams, creating fantasy landscapes that generate emotions and speak for themselves. The main themes that I touch within my work are the different forms of expression that a landscape provides and abstraction as a means of communication. The main materials that I use are spatulas, oils, acrylics, varnishes, resins, thinners and some mixtures that I have discovered throughout my life.

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