Coming from Melbourne Australia, Georgia now calls Mexico home. With a background in art and design, Georgia channeled her creativity for many years as a Floral Artist where her love of color and passion for beauty could be expressed. Clay was but a forgotten child hobby and it took just one class with her mentor Rob Marsh at Art Vallarta, and the obsession was ignited. Prolific and dedicated, her work is a playful mix of carved and sculptured details, color and lively sense of joy.

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“Sat Chit Ananda” beaded necklace by Georgia Naranjo

Hand rolled beads and carved pendant with a patina finish. The pendant is carved with the Sanskrit words for Truth

Beaded door tie by Georgia Naranjo

Hand carved clay beads on leather tie

Beaded necklace by Georgia Naranjo

Hand rolled ceramic beads with a pastel patina and handmade button clasp.

Bunch of chain by Georgia Naranjo

Hanging decoration of handmade chain and beads threaded on a plated tie

Bunch of chain- long by Georgia Naranjo

Wall hanging of handmade ceramic chain threaded on leather

Clay chain necklace by Georgia Naranjo

Delicate ceramic chain necklace hand rolled and formed. Light to wear and sounds beautiful as it it moves.