Rene Brown

Rene decided to re-awaken, hardness and utilize her artistic creative faculties before relocating and becoming a resident of Puerto Vallarta, MX in May 2017. She is a former resident of Arlington, VA and a native Washingtonian of the United States.

Prior to this transition, René served for 9 years with the Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation (JCSDA) as Project Coordinator Lead implementing logistics for: Technical Science Workshops, FFO Grant process and S4 Supper Computer Scientist Research Reports with RTi at NOAA.

She served at the Hartford Courants Newspaper Washington Bureau for 16  years providing research reporting and office management; attending press conferences on Capitol Hill, which included the Connecticut State Delegation.

Her education and experience includes a BA in Communications/Film, providing graphic design, producing educational documentaries, painting and still photography.

An ordained minister, licensed in 2000 and ordained in 2005 (United Metaphysical Churches), Reverend Brown has served as Associate Pastor for Special Services at the Arlington Chapel in Arlington, VA.  And 12 years prior she served at The Church of the Holy City (Washington Society of the New Jerusalem) on its board, provided meditation classes, logistics and wedding coordination for its Wedding Chapel.

Her ministries include, but are not limited to: pastoral and intuitive counseling, teaching meditation, creative relaxation, spiritual healing, wedding execution and logistics.  She has studied comparative religion, counseled other ministers, assisted children with learning disorders via stimulating creative faculties, brought comfort to many in the hospice community and has meditated since 1980.

Her international travel, at least twice a year, embraces cultural enlightment and provides personal regeneration.

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