Tony’s art includes numerous public murals, which have won many international competitions, and are on display in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Mexico and the U.S.

​In Puerto Vallarta, he just finished a nearly life-size whale mural, patterned with indigenous Huichol designs, on the Calle Peru wall of Teatro Vallarta in Colonial 5 de Diciembre. It’s one of his many murals in Puerto Vallarta public spaces.
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Abstract II by Tony Collantez

Acrylic on Canvas Original 120 cm x 100 cm  

Abstraction II by Tony Collantez

Abstraction II by Tony Collantez Acrylic on Canvas Original    

Catrina by Tony Collantez

Acrylic on Canvas Original 149 cm x 130 cm  

Eva 2.0 by Tony Collantez

Acrylic on Canvas Original 167cm x 140cm