She is a native of Puerto Vallarta.

Being a teenager she got a painting prize in a school contest representing her home state.

Her first teacher was the outstanding painter Daniel Inchaurregui (1936-1985), later the teacher Ireri Topete. She considers herself a watercolor artist, although she also handles acrylic with dexterity.

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Cactus 1 by Veronica Rangel

Artist: Veronica Rangel   size 24 3/4 x  inches   Watercolor   Original

Cactus by Veronica Rangel

size 24 3/4 x  inches   Watercolor   Original

El guapo en Azul by Veronica Rangel

Artist Veronica Rangel   Watercolor   Original

Emergiendo by Veronica Rangel

Artist Veronica Rangel   35 x 47.5 inches   Watercolor   Original

Frida Azul by Veronica Rangel

Artist: Veronica Rangel   size 25 x 19.5 inches   Watercolor   Original

Fuego Muerto by Veronica Rangel

Artist Veronica Rangel   11 x 23 inches   Watercolor   Original

Gozandola la Muerte by Veronica Rangel

Artist Veronica Rangel   19 x 24 inches   Watercolor   Original