Bullseye Glass Company is a manufacturer of colored glass for art and architecture with worldwide distribution and a strong commitment to research, education, and promoting glass art. Our glass is handcrafted in our factory, based in Portland, Oregon.

Since 1974, we have collaborated with a community of artists worldwide and have been instrumental in developing many of the fundamental materials and methods at the core of contemporary kiln-glass. We’re widely known as the first company in the world to formulate and manufacture glasses that are factory-tested for fusing compatibility. We’re also recognized for key contributions to the kilnforming, kilncasting, flameworking, and coldworking methods used to create glass art.

Bullseye is a small company with worldwide influence.

  • Bullseyes factory is in Portland, Oregon sets the standard for quality in colored glass for art and architecture.
  • Our research and education programs continually enrich and extend the reach of contemporary kiln-glass.

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Bullseye Clear Transparent Thin 2mm, 27 x 20 inches


Cold Characteristics

Very faint green tint when viewed on edge.

Working Notes

Stable. No color shift. Fusible / Bullseye-compatible. For Rainbow Iridescent Textures 001101-0024, -0025, -0044, -0046, -0048, -0054, -0056 Lay-up: When Firing Rainbow Iridescent Texture sheet glasses face up on the top layer of a 6mm construction, some of the original texture often remains, even when firing to a full fuse (1490°F/810°C).

Bullseye Red Transparent, Thin-rolled, 2 mm, Fusible, 17×20 in., Half Sheet



Selenium, Sulfur

May React With

Copper, Lead, Silver See our Bullseye Reactive Potential charts for more information

Cold Characteristics

Variations from orange-red to dark red. “Catspaw" windows of lighter coloration typical of single-rolled sheets.

Working Notes

A cadmium/selenium glass. Generally fires deeper (more red) than cold sheet. “Catspaw" effect disappears on firing. This style is not suitable for kilncasting because it can opalize and/or become incompatible when held at high temperatures for an extended period. It may also opalize and/or become incompatible in instances where processes exceed the parameters of the test for compatibility. Testing recommended when heatwork exceeds these

Jade Green Opalescent, Thin-rolled, 2 mm, Fusible, 17×20 in., Half Sheet

Contains Copper May React With Selenium, Sulfur, Reactive (000009, 001009, 001019) See our Bullseye Reactive Potential charts for more information Cold