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Laguna Clay B-MIX ^5 Moist Clay 50 lbs. Boxed

B-Mix 5 offers the same characteristics enjoyed by our Cone 10 B-Mix. Its smooth, porcelain texture is a pleasure to throw and form, and it fires to a cream color in oxidation.

Laguna Clay B-MIX with Speckles WC-408^5 50 lbs. Boxed

Introducing Laguna Clay's new Cone 5  B Mix with Speckles. This clay has the same working properties as your favorite B Mix WC-401. This is a mid temperature, smooth, porcelaneous stoneware that  is very plastic and workable. This clay prefers slow drying and ample compression on rims and bottoms to avoid cracks.

Laguna Clay LB6 WC393 ^5 50 lbs. Boxed

A Long Beach type body with 60 mesh sand and color provided by manganese dioxide. Fires gray/brown when reduced and light gray when oxidized.

Laguna Clay Toki Flameware WC-440 50 lbs. Boxed

Laguna Flame Ware is an advance clay body formulated to resist the shock of an open flame and have exceptional heat retaining properties. Great for gas /electric ranges, ovens, broilers, barbeques, microwaves and more. Firing range of cone 5-10.   Bisque/Firing: Once clay is bone dry, bisque to cone 05 (1888 F°). Glaze fire to cone 5 (2,167 F°). Higher firing ranges are possible up to cone 10 (2,345 F°). Do not glaze  the bottom inch of vessel. Burnish cooking area smooth or glaze to create a non-stick surface.

Laguna Clay WC‑861 Hagi Porcelain Clay 50 lbs. Boxed

Hagi is good Cone 5 porcelain clay for throwing small pieces and handbuilding. It has a smooth texture. Hagi fires white in oxidation and off-white in reduction.  

Laguna Clay WC437 ^5 50 lbs. Boxed

A Long Beach type body with 60 mesh sand and color provided by manganese dioxide. Fires gray/brown when reduced and light gray when oxidized.

Laguna Clay BUFF SCULPTURE 50lbs Boxed Clay

Excellent coarse sculpture body with 60 mesh sand and 30 to 60 mesh grog. Nice range of firing colors from buff to dark tan. Low shrinkage.

Laguna Clay Dover White 50lbs MOIST CLAY BOXED

This Cone 5 white stoneware body is excellent for medium pieces as well as dinnerware. The addition of fine sand gives a great deal of strength to this plastic body. Fires off-white in oxidation and gray in reduction.

Laguna Clay White EM-210 50lbs MOIST CLAY BOXED

This is an all-purpose, smooth modeling clay. It is an excellent clay for beginning techniques such as coil and slab building. The white color makes it an ideal clay for use with low fire glazes.
Characteristics Cone: 06 Wet Color: Gray Firing Color: Oxidation: White - Reduction: N/A Texture: Smooth Penetrometer Target: 6 Avg. Shrinkage 2±%: 5.5% Avg. Water Absorption 1±%: 17.0% COE x 10-6: N/A


A very versatile Cone 5-7, functional, stoneware body. This medium to smooth textured clay fires gray in oxidation, and is well suited for class room ceramics involving both handbuilding and throwing.

Laguna Clay HAWAIIAN RED 2 WC-365 50lbs. MOIST CLAY, BOXED

A red, slightly coarse clay with excellent working properties for wheel throwing and handbuilding. It is talc-free and contains sand, making it suitable for medium sized forms. Cone 5 oxidation produces red/brown and reduction color is dark red/brown.