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Membership – One Person


By becoming a member, you help us to fulfill our mission of providing enriching educational experiences in the visual arts to students of all ages and abilities.  As much as 70 percent of tuition goes directly to the teacher.  Become a member when registering for a class. Not only will you receive great benefits ,  but your membership will support our workshops, exhibitions, and outreach programs.

Monthly Studio Space

We do have studio space in our ceramics studio or art studio if you are interested. The monthly fee is 1500.00 pesos for members, 3000.00 pesos non-members  Hours of operation are 10-4 pm M-F.  No instruction is included For painting and applied arts, no material is supplied to the member for free. But the store sells canvases, paints etc. The storage space is limited obviously. No lock up is provided as of yet. Also artists have the opportunity to show ( if chosen) and contribute to the various gallery openings.  No instruction is included.  Please talk to us about your needs and we can figure out a way to accommodate.