Dia de los Muertos Shrine Workshop with Carrie Eckert – Sold Out!



Come enjoy two days creating two different shrines in honor of day of the dead. In
this two-day workshop (October 16 and 17, 2019) we will be using a variety of found objects to create

You will have the opportunity to either memorial the passing of a loved one
and or create a shrine with no person, but instead a theme. It is your choice in
working with two different boxes. Using assemblage techniques learned in the class,
you will compose your own shrines. We will make a tin shrine and a larger box

If you choose to bring your own boxes, please do so, but please limit the size
to no larger than 15” x 15”. Bring your assortment of imagery and that box of
ephemera that you’ve been collecting forever and we will incorporate them into
your shrine.


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Artist: Art VallARTa


 You will learn painting techniques
 Collage
 Assemblage

Included in the class are
 Two shrine boxes. (You may bring your own if you chose)
 Some papers for collage.
 All glues
 Some found objects

I highly recommend you look at some shrines on Pinterest and look up tin shrines/day of the dead
shrines/shrine art/carrie Eckert, so you can get an idea of the imagination you can create. The
more pieces that you bring, the more your shrine will shine! Don’t forget that picture of your
loved one in several sizes. And again, your subject does not need to be dead.
Other objects can be purchased in class.

Carrie Eckert is a mixed media artist that lives in Puerto Vallarta. She specialized in assemblage
and shrines. She likes using different surfaces and medium to create a story within art. She has won several awards during her art career. Her motto is, Art should never be boring.