Commedia dell’ Arte Class with Robi Arce

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Commedia dell’ Arte arouse during the renaissance as a revulsive reaction to the theatre that was established, made for the wealthy in the courts, marking a turning point on the history of theatre. Commedia brought theatre to the people with larger than life characters that represented the society, establishing the profession of the actor-storyteller.

This workshop is a contemporary approach to Commedia dell’Arte that will serve as a physical comedy training for actors and non-actors. The characters of Commedia live on the edge of life and death and their motivations are visceral, the actor’s work is to possessed by the character and the mask. It is full of improvisation and based on archetypical characters. It is fast, funny, cruel, full of slapstick and uses society as the canvas to criticize our system but also ourselves!

Attendees will be exposed to:

  • Body Awareness and Physicality
  • The use of the Mask
  • Character development
  • Corporal dramaturgy
  • Improvisation
  • Musicality and rhythm
  • Interaction with the audience
  • The Lazzi

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