Pillars of Painting Workshop with Angie Mcintosh 2021


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When booking for February 1st, you are booking for ALL 3 days of the workshop!

If you don’t think you can paint or you want to practice and explore your painting techniques, this the intensive 3-day workshop working with Instructor Angie McIntosh. Angie is a very experienced painter with a special passion for Plein Air. She is exceptional at capturing color and shapes that make paintings come to life. McIntosh’s course works well for painting in the studio as well as outdoors. McIntosh has been holding successful workshops Internationally and this is an excellent opportunity to join in her 3rd year in Puerto VallARTa


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Workshop Summary:

Welcome to the Ecole Des Beaux Arts for Everyone “Pillars of Painting” Mexico Session with Canadian Artist Angie Roth McIntosh. This 3 day studio course and optional bonus plein air day is suitable for everyone wishing to have fun painting. Suitable to those from beginner to intermediate working in acrylics and oils, this workshop will provide the necessary tools and to gain the confidence in a method to get out in the world and paint whether in the studio or outside en plein air. Walk in a beginner and leave a painter!

The Pillars of Painting 3 Day Course Outline by Angie Roth McIntosh

Day 1-The 6 Pillars of Painting- Intro to the Important Basics

A. Introduction-Creating an Artist–

1.The first stage is seeing like an artist
2nd stage is developing the vocabulary of an artist
3rd stage is developing the skills of an artist
4th stage is learning the process of an artist
5th stage is practicing like an artist–Studio and Plein Air!

2.Appreciate some beautiful art by my favorite artists

3.Basic Skills and Techniques using the 6 Pillars of Painting
-Basics of Methods and Design in Painting
-Understanding tonal value with black colour and colour samples from paint store

4.Simple painting process-
a.Start with tonal underpainting.
b.Add Colour
c.Finishing touches.

5.Review preparations for painting
a.Preparing an image
-Colour, Black and White and Grid, Look for Shapes and Values

b.Angie Demo Monochromatic Underpainting and Students start

1.Colour Wheel
2.Tonality of Colour–lights and darks
3.Simple Colour Schemes–chart and kids colouring book picture schemes
4.Fun Colour Excercise-using silk flowers
5.Add colour to your work
-set up paint on palette and organizing work space

Day 3-Putting it all together
1.Review of what makes a good painting
2.Steps to creating a good painting
3.Info on working outdoors
4.Finish your own work of art

Optional:After the course Plein Air Painting Day if you join me in Outdoors
Spend the day painting outdoors with anyone wanting to go–free bonus activity.

Review Keys to Better Paintings
Find inspiration and use your new skills in a comfortable process to create your own work of art, outside if weather permits or inside if not. Spread the fun and maybe start your own Plein Air Group in your own community!