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Laguna Clay B-MIX ^5 Moist Clay 50 lbs. Boxed

B-Mix 5 offers the same characteristics enjoyed by our Cone 10 B-Mix. Its smooth, porcelain texture is a pleasure to throw and form, and it fires to a cream color in oxidation.

Laguna Clay B-MIX with Speckles WC-408^5 50 lbs. Boxed

Introducing Laguna Clay's new Cone 5  B Mix with Speckles. This clay has the same working properties as your favorite B Mix WC-401. This is a mid temperature, smooth, porcelaneous stoneware that  is very plastic and workable. This clay prefers slow drying and ample compression on rims and bottoms to avoid cracks.

Laguna Clay LB6 WC393 ^5 50 lbs. Boxed

A Long Beach type body with 60 mesh sand and color provided by manganese dioxide. Fires gray/brown when reduced and light gray when oxidized.

Laguna Clay Toki Flameware WC-440 50 lbs. Boxed

Laguna Flame Ware is an advance clay body formulated to resist the shock of an open flame and have exceptional heat retaining properties. Great for gas /electric ranges, ovens, broilers, barbeques, microwaves and more. Firing range of cone 5-10.   Bisque/Firing: Once clay is bone dry, bisque to cone 05 (1888 F°). Glaze fire to cone 5 (2,167 F°). Higher firing ranges are possible up to cone 10 (2,345 F°). Do not glaze  the bottom inch of vessel. Burnish cooking area smooth or glaze to create a non-stick surface.

Laguna Clay WC‑861 Hagi Porcelain Clay 50 lbs. Boxed

Hagi is good Cone 5 porcelain clay for throwing small pieces and handbuilding. It has a smooth texture. Hagi fires white in oxidation and off-white in reduction.